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Rae Spoon is coming to visit

March 8, 2018
As part of our Huron1Read program, one of the authors of Gender Failure, Rae Spoon, will be joining us for an electrifying performance and presentation on March 8. This is going to be a very exciting day that will start in the late afternoon and continue into the evening.

The concert portion of the event will begin at 6 p.m. and takes place in the Kingsmill Room. The public and all ages are welcome! Admission and parking will be free, and there will also be craft beer and pizza available for purchase. 

Rae is a talented author and musician, so our students will have the chance to hear them read, sing and play throughout the festivities. You can learn more about their works here

2:30 pm | Author Welcome Reception Open to members of the Huron community (current students, faculty, and staff). 
Location: Benson House, at Huron University College

4:30 pm | CURL Sponsored Event - Please click here for more details.
From Undergraduate Research to a Rhodes Scholarship: Reflections with Levi Horn 
Open to members of the public. All are welcome! 
Location: Huron Commons, in the Library at Huron University College

5:00 pm | Doors Open for Rae Spoon’s Public Performance in The Kingsmill Room at Huron University College. An all ages, and licensed event. Free admission and parking. 

6:00 pm | Rae Spoon, In Performance  Please join us for an early evening performance with one of the co-authors of this year’s Huron1Read book, Rae Spoon. Rae will read and perform works from Gender Failure, and select pieces from more recent projects. An informal Q&A will follow the performance. An all ages, and licensed event. Free admission and parking.
Location: The Kingsmill Room, at Huron University College