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Fred George receives Medal of Distinction

July 29, 2017
Huron University College presents the Medal of Distinction to Honourary Captain Freddy George. Esteemed community members and representatives from Huron University gathered in Nova Scotia to recognize his achievements. Fred is the co-founder of Gammon Gold and he is building an incredible legacy as one of Canada’s most generous philanthropists.  

The Huron University College Medal of Distinction is awarded to a person who achieves unprecedented levels of excellence. This Leader with Heart creates a distinguished legacy through their unyielding commitment to community, innovation and hard work, setting an outstanding example for those eager to shape a better world. Fred is the embodiment of these values, as he has contributed significantly to both the corporate and non-profit sectors throughout Nova Scotia, across Canada and internationally.  

For 14 years, Fred implemented his vision for Gammon Gold, establishing one of the best performing gold and silver companies in the world. His tireless efforts contributed to generating more than 6,000 jobs in Canada and Mexico.

Mr. George is committed to making a difference in the lives of others. He founded the Fred George Foundation, which supports many organizations and causes, including those with a focus on education, and physical and mental health. Fred is also a staunch supporter of the Royal Canadian Navy and our military families, earning his designation as an Honorary Captain of the Royal Canadian Navy.

In honour and celebration of all that he has achieved as a visionary leader, Huron University College is delighted to award Fred with the Medal of Distinction.