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Dr. Scorgie-Porter named the McGorman Fund recipient

December 1, 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Scorgie-Porter!

Huron is delighted to announce Dr. Lindsay Scorgie-Porter has been chosen as the recipient of the McGorman Fund this year. We're so excited to see how Dr. Scorgie-Porter leverages the funds, generously supported by one of our alumni families, to further her innovative research. 

Our esteemed fund recipient shares her thoughts about receiving this support: 

I was thrilled to discover I had been successful in my application for the McGorman Family Faculty Development Fund! The funds will help facilitate my study into how Dark Tourism is operating in the central African state of Rwanda. More specifically, my research seeks to address the following questions: how do Rwanda’s memorials navigate the twin demands of (1) being places of remembrance and mourning for victims and their families and friends, and (2) also being tourist sites of education for others on what happened? 
In May 2017, I led an experiential learning trip to Rwanda with 20 Huron undergraduate students, during which we visited many of Rwanda’s memorial sites. The students and I had the opportunity to consider and discuss these very questions – in light of the fact that we were very much engaging in ‘Dark Tourism’ ourselves – which encouraged me to explore this subject in a more academic context. With this topic, I see vast potential to engage Huron’s students, and I foresee potential opportunities for undergraduate research surrounding this topic and other discussions it may generate. 
The funds will help me with an initial research trip that I plan to embark on in early January. I will be visiting Washington, DC to conduct interviews with members of the genocide prevention NGO Aegis Trust and various staff of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, who were influential in shaping the design and function of Rwanda's initial memorialization direction. 

About the McGorman Family Faculty Development Fund

Established in 2007, The McGorman Family Faculty Development Fund provides financial resources to help support faculty in leading-edge research projects in their fields of study and further enhance the profile of Huron as a place of higher learning.
As former students, both Brian McGorman ‘91 and his mother Joanne ‘64 enjoyed the small, tight-knit community environment Huron offered.  Both Brian and Joanne had great experiences at Huron and wanted to create an endowment to give something back to the institution.  Brian says, “Because Huron is smaller, there are less resources, but you don’t want to sacrifice its smallness.  The faculty research endowment allows Huron to compete with larger institutions.”  Brian also believes the personalized attention students receive from the professors makes Huron a more desirable place in which to pursue a university education.