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Dr. Neil Bradford shares research in Paris

February 28, 2017
On January 23, Dr. Neil Bradford, Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, presented a research paper in Paris, France to a group of senior public policy officials from the European Commission and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  

Dr. Bradford was invited to present his research on regional governance and urban development policy in Canada as the European Commission undertakes renewal of its development funds for social cohesion across European Union member states. Dr. Bradford was one of two scholars presenting national perspectives on regional and urban issues, with the other scholar Dr. Eric Brousseau, an economist from the University Paris-Dauphine.   

The European Commission and OECD officials were interested to learn lessons from Canada’s nearly six decades of federal-provincial regional and urban development policy. Dr. Bradford’s paper “Canadian Regional Development Policy: Flexible Governance and Adaptive Implementation” introduced a theoretical framework for understanding “multi-level regional governance” and explored three distinct forms of Canadian territorial policy – regional innovation; local implementation; and community experimentation.  

“The conference was a terrific opportunity to situate the Canadian governance experience in European policy debates” Dr. Bradford explained.  As he puts it “The challenge of achieving inclusive growth that leaves no individuals or communities behind remains daunting and sharing knowledge and experiences across nations can generate valuable policy lessons."  

These issues are central to Dr. Bradford’s ongoing research agenda on “place-based policy” and they align with the mission of the proposed Centre for Governance, Leadership, and Ethics at Huron University College. “We need creative thinking and new partnerships to tackle the complex, interdependent problems of the 21st century. I am delighted to be included in knowledge networks housed at the OECD and European Commission and look forward to connecting these international thought leaders with Governance, Leadership, and Ethics at Huron."