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Student interns at HSBC

May 19, 2017
Huron University College is proud to announce that Global Studies and BMOS student, Joseph Scarfone, has been accepted to the prestigious HSBC banking and wealth management internship program in the United Kingdom.

While researching summer internships with HSBC in Canada, Scarfone was thrilled to discover an international option that brings together students from around the world.

The ten week internship includes two weeks of training in the fundamentals of international finance. Then Scarfone will spend four weeks working in wealth management in downtown London and four weeks in commercial banking in the Canary Wharf district of east London. 

Dr. Nesbitt-Larking has been Scarfone’s long-time mentor at Huron. Scarfone credits Dr. Nesbitt-Larking’s ongoing support as one of the reasons he was chosen for this internship. 

“Studying at Huron has increased my critical thinking, communication and team work skills,” says Scarfone. During the interview process, Scarfone was able to make a lasting impression by demonstrating his knowledge of global issues and says many of the interview questions were topics from class. “These skills were invaluable through the interview process and resulted in me having greater confidence in my abilities.”

The HSBC internship also provides an opportunity for Scarfone to volunteer with community partners and participate in field projects. “Huron taught me that success is not limited to personal achievement, but it extends to one’s social impact,” says Scarfone.

After completing his Huron education, Scarfone plans to continue working in international finance, specifically in global capital markets. Scarfone hopes this internship will be the beginning of a long career with HSBC, as he would like to continue working for them abroad. Though his career may take him away from Ontario, Scarfone highlights that Huron provided a launching pad to pursue these goals. “I know my career path will follow Huron’s example of leadership with heart,” he says.