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London Youth Advisory Council Seeks New Members

January 6, 2016

LYAC gives students a voice in the city

Nominations for the position of Western Representative on the London Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) are now open until the 22nd of January 2015.

The LYAC is a youth government of 15 young people aged 15-25, who are democratically elected to represent the 14 wards of London, with an additional 15th councilor who represents Western specifically. The goal of the LYAC is to amplify youth opinions on a diverse array of public policy issues to the decision-makers in our formal governments and institutions.

Fourth year Huron student Kyle Sholes was elected as the first Western Councillor on the LYAC last year and describes his experience as a way to meaningfully connect with the city he has called home during his university years: “The best part of the experience of being on the LYAC has been the opportunity to be challenged and have my opinions tested, all the while contributing to the bigger picture of giving youth a voice in London.”

LYAC youth councilors gather regularly to debate the perspectives of youth on issues that range from economic development, transit, waste management, to culture, and beyond. Councillors simultaneously learn and perform the role of a public representative by reaching out to their constituents through canvassing, social media, surveys, and outreach to youth organizations, public consultations, and events. In addition, they receive training in advocacy, policy writing, community development, and public relations that strengthens their leadership skills. The Councilors are supported by a small staff team, a dynamic volunteer group, and an experienced Board of Directors.

LYAC Council Director Kayley MacGregor emphasizes the constant support the organization provides to all candidates and councilors: “There isn’t a set ‘list of qualifications or experiences’ that you need to have to run for council. If you are a Western or affiliate student who has the passion and energy to create change in your community, that is all you need in order to run. We help train candidates to run their campaigns, and support them throughout the process, so the process doesn’t seem intimidating.”

Any Western or affiliate student under the age of 25 is eligible to run and all students are encouraged to apply to this great community opportunity. To apply, click here (http://www.lyac.ca/elections). For more information please contact LYAC Council Director Kayley MacGregor at 226-678-5965 or kayley@lyac.ca. Kyle Sholes, the current Western councilor, can be reached at western@lyac.ca.

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