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2018-2019 Course Offerings (Tentative)

ENG 1027F The Storyteller's Art I: Introduction to Narrative Mioc
ENG 1028G The Storyteller's Art II: Topics in Narrative Donaldson/Mioc
ENG 1042E Literature and Cultural Representations Schofield/Vanderheide
ENG 2228F: Literary and Cultural Texts: Pre-1700
DiPonio Course Outline
ENG 2229G: Literary and Cultural Texts: 1700-1900 Donaldson Course Outline
ENG 2230F Studies in Poetics Brooks
Course Outline
ENG 2265G Introduction to Theory DiPonio
Course Outline
ENG 2335G: British Literature since 1945: Major Authors DiPonio Course Outline
ENG 2346F: American Coming of Age Novels and Films Since the Second World War Brooks
Course Outline
ENG 2361E: World Literature Written in English Hubel Course Outline
ENG 2372F: Shakespeare Schofield
Course Outline
ENG 2551F: Gord Downie, The Tragically Hip, and Canadian Identity
Course Outline
ENG 2735G: Children's Culture and Literature
TBA Course Outline 
ENG 2824G Heroes and Superheroes Mioc
Course Outline
ENG 3265G Ecocritcism Vanderheide
Course Description 
ENG 3333E Experiential Engagement with
Literature and Culture: Forms of Adaptation a Critical Making Course
Vanderheide/ Schofield
Course Outline
ENG 4851F 4th Year Seminar in Literary Studies: Creative Indigeneity: Indigenous Literature, Popular Culture, and Film from the Settler Colonies 
Course Outline
ENG 4871G 4th Year Seminar in Literary Studies: Version Control: Process, Variation and Flux in Literary Authorship
Schofield Course Outline


  • 2013-2014 English Courses

  •  2013-2014 English Course Outlines
    Course Instructor Course Outline
    ENG 1027F The Storyteller's Art I:
    Introduction to Narrative
    Course Outline
    ENG 1028G The Storyteller's Art II:
    Tales of the City
    Blagrave Course Outline
    ENG 1035E Introduction to Narrative:
    Reading, Interpretation, Argument
    ENG 1036E Forms of Narrative: From Epic to Film
    Brooks Course Outline
    ENG 2033E Children's Literature
    Hartley Course Outline 
    ENG 2095B Pop Culture and Literature:
    Effinger Course Outline
    ENG 2230G Studies in Poetics
    Bundock Course Outline
    ENG 2235A Literary Theory:
    From Plato to New Criticism
    McCarthy Course Outline
    ENG 2236G Literary Theory since New Criticism
    Vanderheide Course Outline
    ENG 2305F Literature of the Seventeenth Century:
    Major Authors
    Hyland Course Outline
    ENG 2323F Special Topics in Romantic Literature:
    "Strange fits of Passion": Mood, Affect and the Passions

    Course Outline
    ENG 2325G Victorian Literature: Major Authors
    Course Outline
    ENG 2336F Tolkien, Pullman and Myth
    McCarthy Course Outline
    ENG 2354E Canadian Literature in English since 1914
    McCarthy Course Outline
    ENG 2371E Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
    Course Outline
    ENG 2692E Biblical and Classical Backgrounds to
    English Literature
    Course Outline
    ENG 2715F African American Women's Literature
    Brooks Course Outline
    ENG 3334E Restoration and Eighteenth Century
    Literature (1660-1798)
    Hubel Course Outline
    ENG 3913G Irish Literature
    McCarthy Course Outline
    ENG 4050F Representing Aboriginality:
    Aboriginal Literature and Film
    Course Outline
    ENG 4640G Constructions of Race in
    Post Civil War American Literature
    Brooks Course Outline