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History at Huron is a dynamic and exciting department that explores the rich and varied landscapes of the human past.   

 Quick Reference: New History courses and programs 2017-18

Beginning in first year and extending across the wide range of our regularly-offered courses, lectures and tutorials are taught by full-time faculty-- a system unique to Huron among the History departments at Western. Our small classes and dedicated professors give students an opportunity to engage in hands-on history through source analysis, archival research, community-based learning, digital scholarship, collaboration with faculty, and public engagement with organizations in the local London community.

The study of History extends beyond a consideration of the past. History cultivates critical and liberal habits of mind. History strengthens writing and other communication skills. History promotes active citizenship by helping us to distinguish between "information" and knowledge. History opens new perspectives on the present, and challenges us to consider what it means to be human.

Our classes and faculty research emphasize the connections between historical study and the current international debates such as anti-slavery movements, the struggle for gender equality, indigenous issues and the parameters of law in the context of individual freedoms.