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Degree Modules and Programs Offered
Students enrolled in MOS will complete a foundational first-year of study that includes Business, Economics, and Mathematics prior to choosing the specific MOS module they wish to pursue.
  • Accounting

  • The Major in Accounting is for students who want to lay the groundwork for future accountancy studies yet pursue another subject interest.  Must be combined with a second non-MOS Major in an Honors degree.

    Accounting Major (as part of double major for Honors)

    The Honors Specialization and Specialization in Accounting are for students who plan a career in an accounting field after completing the Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) designation.  The programs deliver many of the tax, audit and business law courses prescribed by Canadian accounting bodies.

    Accounting Honors Specialization
    Accounting Specialization​

    Notice to Accounting Specialization Students at Huron:

    In planning your courses for ‎2017/18 and beyond, please note that Accounting Theory - MOS 4466 is no longer being offered at Huron or any of the other campuses of Western. This change is in response to the removal of this course as a component of the CPA PREP (Pre-Experience Education) effective 2017. 

    At the CPA level, there is no replacement course, simply a net reduction. Correspondingly, we have not added any specific "replacement" course.   However, we are encouraging one of the following courses of action in your course planning:

     - Consider MOS 3398 - Management and Organizational Consulting, which will have engagement Management, professional services focus, and other aspects that are readily applied he prospective CPA's in public accounting

    - Consider ‎another MOS or Huron course. Each course you consider must be evaluated for equivalency within your module.  As you plan your courses, please contact me with the course that you would like to consider equivalent to MOS 4466 and I will get back to you with my decision ASAP.

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