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Psychology is the scientific study of the brain and behaviour.  Specifically, psychologists are interested in studying topics such as our perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and how we are affected by physical, mental, social and environmental factors.

The Psychology Program at Huron emphasizes the development of basic foundational research knowledge.  Our program focuses on the development of core research skills in Psychology, and this emphasis on research skill development starts in the first year and continues in all upper year core research courses.  Our core research courses focus on the academic study of Psychology in various subfields (Learning and Motivation, Cognition, Developmental and Social), but we also offer courses in many diverse topics at the upper year level (e.g., Neuropsychology, Behavior Modification, Persuasion, Interpersonal Relationships), and are planning several new courses in Health Psychology, Risk Behavior, and Applied Psychology, among others.

  • Information for Potential Transfer Students

  • Note that entry to the Huron Psychology program requires Psychology 1100E. Psychology 1000 is not a substitute for Psychology 1100E and without supplementation will not provide entry to the Psychology program at Huron, nor the majority of senior courses in Psychology offered at Huron.  For details of the necessary supplementation, please click here.