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A rigorous academic program in theology, offering excellent preparation for doctoral research, or a superior terminal degree in theology (for those not wishing to pursue full doctoral studies), with an emphasis on the integration of theological vision and of the theological disciplines. 

The Graduate MA is also a superior degree for those wishing to approach another field such as education, counselling, journalism or public policy from a perspective enriched by theological study.

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Current Timetable, Course Descriptions

  • MA Terms of Study & Length of Degree

  • Fall term: September-December (Normal admission term) 
    Winter term: January-April 
    Summer Term: May-August (Group A courses generally not offered)

    Graduate students remain continuously enrolled in programs and are expected to be making academic progress in all three terms each year.

    Length of Degree:
    Full-time students complete in two years (six terms). (Maximum registration three years.)
    Part-time students complete in three years (nine terms). (Maximum registration four years.)
    Those beginning as part-time students may later apply to program to switch to full-time registration.
    Those beginning as full-time students may only apply to switch to part-time registration under certain conditions.  See details in the full Regulations.
  • Combination MTS/MA or MDiv/MA Degrees

  • For highly motivated students, both degrees are taken over an accelerated period of three (MTS/MA) or four (MDiv/MA) years of full-time study, or the equivalent in part-time study.  In either case, a minimum of 12 half-courses must be completed in the MTS or MDiv program prior to admission to the MA, with a minimum average of 78%.

    Course requirements:
    • MA requirements are unchanged.
    • MTS/MA students complete 17 MTS half-courses
    • MDiv/MA students complete 27 MDiv half-courses