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Huron & YLCC:
Leadership Camp August 2018

Huron is thrilled to partner with the renowned Youth Leadership Camps Canada (YLCC) for a 3 day camp aimed at high school students aged 15+.

Students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills including, team and trust building, problem solving, goals and time management, conflict resolution and many more.

A combination of small group activities, large group sessions, and keynote speakers will take place over the duration of the camp, while students stay in Huron's residences and build connections with their peers and current Huron students who act as the camp counselors.

Dates: Saturday, August 11 - Monday, August 13
Location: Huron University College
Cost: $150 per participant
Participant Age: Preferred if student is going into grade 12 in September 2018; however any student who is a minimum age of 15 years old is welcome!

*Registration has now closed for Huron's Leadership Camp 2018.*

Registered Participants:
Drop Off - 1:00-3:00pm Saturday, August 11
Pick Up- 4:00pm Monday, August 13

Look for the signs to guide you into Huron's parking lot and then into the Dining Hall for registration