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Major/Minor in Religion and Theology

Gain critical knowledge and skills for understanding the way religious and theological issues have evolved and continue to influence contemporary life and culture, in a context that encourages discussion, reflection, and research.  Even if you’re not religious, studying religion can help you understand the complex world we live in.

Religious beliefs and practices can have a huge impact on how individuals and groups make social, economic, and political decisions, and it’s important for Leaders with Heart to understand these complex issues to make well-informed, compassionate and effective decision.


Alumni Stories

The study of religion and theology enables students to dig deeper and find out about the literature, history and current practices of religions around the world. By developing their understanding of such a significant and complex area of influence for humanity, alumni who pursue this area of study are well positioned to work all over the world in positions of leadership.

Learn how Huron has helped empower religion and theology students to more effectively navigate conversations, situations and social change. If you see yourself in the stories of these Leaders with Heart, consider exploring this area of study more thoroughly to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

  • The Faculty is a citadel of excellence and Huron’s longstanding traditions set it apart. I would recommend Huron because of the quality of education it offers, the level of spiritual development it fosters, the excellent professors, and the school’s library − whose staff and resources help ensure students’ success.
    John Olufemi Adeyemi
    3rd Year student, MDiv
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  • You develop within classes that foster critical thinking; challenge you to ask complex questions; and learn how to understand the world in a more human way.
    Beth Koudys
    Honours BA, Master of Divinity ‘14
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  • I found my spark and pursued it at Huron, and the experience was phenomenal.
    Michael Bodkin
    Master of Arts (Theology) Graduate, PhD Candidate at the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism at Western University
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Major and Minor in Religion and Theology Program Modules

Major in Religion and Theology
  1. Admission Requirements  
    Completion of first-year requirements. 1.0 course from 1000-level Religious Studies courses (RS1010f and RS1015g) is recommended.

6.0 courses:
1.0 course Religious Studies 2130 (Living Religions)
1.0 course from:  RS1029 (New Testament Greek), RS 2124F/G (Introduction to the New Testament), Hebrew 1040A/B (Biblical Hebrew), RS 2420F/G (Introduction to the Hebrew Bible),
Arabic 3260A/B (Qur’anic Arabic), RS 2310F/G (Introduction to the Qur’an)
1.0 additional course in Theological Studies and/or Religious Studies at the 2000 level or above.
3.0 additional courses in Theological Studies and/or Religious Studies at the 3000 level or above.

Minor in Religion and Theology

Admission Requirements
Completion of first-year requirements. 1.0 course from 1000-level Religious Studies courses (RS 1010f and RS 1015g) is recommended.

4.0 courses
1.0 course from Theological Studies and/or Religious Studies 2130.
1.0 course from:  RS1029 (New Testament Greek), RS 2124F/G (Introduction to the New Testament), Hebrew 1040A/B (Biblical Hebrew), RS 2420F/G (Introduction to the Hebrew Bible),
Arabic 3260A/B (Qur’anic Arabic), RS 2310F/G (Introduction to the Qur’an)
2.0 courses in Theology Theological Studies and Religious Studies at the 2000 level or above
(Course numbers ending in a/b/f/g are 0.5 courses.)

Religion and Theology

Huron has launched a brand new program to better serve the needs an interests of our diverse student population. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the difference between religion and theology, here’s a simple comparison:

  • Religious Studies tends to look at different religions from around the world, comparing and contrasting them to deal with questions like, “What is religion?” and how do practices, views and literature compare between different belief systems?


  • Theology takes more of a deep dive into particular religions, so you can develop a specific and fulsome understanding of what that religion is composed of and how it affects followers

Engage with this program to explore both of these exciting avenues of religious and theological contemplation. You’ll learn to successfully and compassionately navigate complex cultural and social situations, as well as gain a deeper appreciation for the trials and tribulations faced by minority groups who refused to concede to corruption in order to protect their beliefs.

Religion and Theology Courses

Gain critical knowledge and skills for understanding the way religious and theological issues have evolved and continue to influence contemporary life and culture, in a context that encourages discussion, reflection, and research.

2022 Summer/Intersession Timetable

How to Register for an Intersession course
First, beginning Feb 22, activate yourself for the Summer Session on student centre.
Second, once activation is complete, register yourself for the course in student centre.   Here are some helpful detailed instructions!
Remember,  Huron students pay Huron for summer courses.

Intersession 2022 falls between May 16 and June 24, followed by exams if scheduled.
“A” courses are  half-courses in first half , May 16-June 3
“B” courses are half-courses in second half
No suffix = full-course, lasting all Intersession, May 16-June 24
Calendar course descriptions are found below.

Course Subject
Course #
Course Outline

RS 2030  Living Religions
A study of the history, faith, and practices of the major living religions – selected from Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

2021-22 Rel Studies, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Theo Studies Courses

*For classrooms, see your account,
“f” and “a” courses are in fall; “g” & “b” are in winter.  No suffix = full-year course
Please email if you have questions about taking these courses.

SubjectCourse #DescriptionDayStart timeFinish timeInstructor
Arabic1070AArabic 1070a M8:3011:20Kharrat, Y.
Arabic2080AIntermediate Quranic ArabicTh2:305:20Kharrat, Y.
Arabic3260BReadings from the Qur’anTu9:3012:00Kharrat, Y.
Greek1103A Intro to Biblical GreekTu Th14:3016:20Quigley, J
Greek1104BIntroduction to Biblical Greek IITu Th14:3016:20Quigley, J
Hebrew1040A & 1041b Intro to Biblical Hebrew Hebrew 1040a 5040a Huron Fall 2021 1041bTu Th14:3016:20Meyer, N.
Rel Studies1010FReligion Theol & Global IssuesM WM1530-1730W14:30-15:30Potter, B.
Rel Studies1015GReligion and DifferenceF13:3016:20Acres, W.
Rel Studies1030BUnderstanding ReligionMWM: 16:30-18:30  newW 16:30-17:30Quigley, J.
Rel Studies2112FSpirituality Old & NewF11:3014:20Marks, D.
Rel Studies2113GModernity, Post Modernity & ReligionF11:3014:20Marks, D.
Rel Studies2124GIntro to New TestamentTu18:0020:30Quigley, J.
Rel Studies2126FThe Early ChurchW14:3017:00McClatchie, S.
Rel Studies2127GThe Late Middle AgesW14:3017:00Acres, W.
Rel Studies2130Living ReligionsM13:3016:20Acres, W.
Rel Studies2297BFaith in Sound, Stone & PaintM9:30 new12:00McClatchie, S.
Rel Studies2300AGender and Sexuality in Early ChristianityTh8:3011:00Quigley, J.
Rel Studies2330FIntro to Biblical ScriptureTu18:0020:30Smith, D.
Rel Studies2420BThe Hebrew Bible In ContextTh11:3014:00Meyer, N.
Rel Studies2310gInterpreting the Qur’anTh11:3014:00Taleb, L.
Rel Studies3121FIntro to Islamic Ethics




Mattson, I.
Rel Studies3130FIslam and Politics M18:0020:30Mattson, I.
Rel Studies3400GTheology & Religious PluralismTh8:3011:00Potter, B.
Rel Studies3450FJudaism and the HolocaustM12:304:30Marks, D.
Rel Studies4040F Isaiah and Ezekiel compared Isaiah & Ezekiel ComparedTh11:3014:00Lemos, T.
(email if you have problems registering!)
Rel Studies2300bKey Issues in Islamic TheologyTh14:305:00Mattson, I.
Theol Studies2207FIntro to Systematic Theology Th8:3011:00Potter, Bret
Theol Studies3312GCritical Investigation of Theological EthicsTh18:0020:30Gruning, H.
2020-2021 Major & Minor Religion and Theology Course Timetable

*For classrooms, see your account,

SubjectCourse #DescriptionDayStart timeFinish timeInstructor
Arabic1070AQuranic Arabic for BeginnersTh3:306:20Kharrat, Y.
Arabic2080BIntermediate Quranic ArabicTh3:306:20Kharrat, Y.
Arabic3260BArabic:  Readings for the Qur’anTh9:3012:20Kharrat, Y.
Greek1103AIntroduction to Biblical Greek IM Tu3:306:00Meyer, N.
Greek1104BIntroduction to Biblical Greek IIM Tu3:306:00TBA
Greek5223AReadings In New TestamentTu7:009:20Meyer, N.
Rel Studies1010FReligion, Theology & GlobalTh6:309:20Babcock, G.
Rel Studies1015GReligion and Difference Th6:309:20Acres, W.
Rel Studies2112FSpirituality Old & New W2:305:20Marks, D.
Rel Studies2113GModernity, Post Modernity & ReligionW2:305:20Marks, D.
Rel Studies2120AHuman/Animal/SubhumanTh9:3012:30Lemos, T.
Rel Studies2124GIntro to New TestamentM12:303:00Meyer. N.
Rel Studies2126FThe Early ChurchM12:303:00McClatchie, S.
Rel Studies2127GThe Late Middle AgesM8:3011:00Acres, W.
Rel Studies2130Living ReligionsW3:306:20Acres, W.
Rel Studies2299BIntro to Sufi Spiritual TeachingsM12:303:00Taleb, L.
Rel Studies2330FInterpret the Christian BibleM7:009:20Meyer, N.
Rel Studies2420BThe Hebrew Bible In ContextM7:009:20Lemos, T.
Rel Studies2610GChristian Thought, Culture & PracticeW9:3012:20Wagenman, M.
Rel Studies2620FIslamic Thought, Culture & Practice




Mattson, I.
Rel Studies3030FAngry God: The Bible & WarW9:3012:20Lemos, T.
Rel Studies3070GStudies in the GospelsT9:3012:00Meyer, N
Rel Studies3100FThe Qur’an, Sunnah & HadithM7:009:20Mattson, I.
Rel Studies3131BSpirituality of Muslim WomenM7:009:20Mattson, I.
Rel Studies3134AFreedom of Religion & Accommodation in CanadaM8:3011:00Fahmy, M.
Rel Studies4040BProphetic LiteratureM8:3011:00Lemos, T.
Theol Studies2207FIntroduction to Systematic TheologyM8:3011:00TBA
Theol Studies2208GChrist, Salvation & TrinityTu3:306:00Connor, T.
Theol Studies3312GCritical Investigation of Theological EthicsTu7:009:20Gruning, H.
Theol Studies3331FLiturgical MusicTu9:3012:00McClatchie, S. / Lupton, B.
2019-2020 Major & Minor Religion and Theology Course Timetable
2018-2019 Major and Minor Religion and Theology Course Timetable

*For classrooms see your account,

SubjectCourse #DescriptionDayStart timeFinish timeInstructor
Arabic1070aQuranic Arabic for BeginnersTh3:306:20Kharrat. Y
Arabic3260bArabic:  Readings for the Qur’anTh3:306:20Kharrat. Y.
Hebrew1040aIntro to Bib HebrewTu
Meyer. N.
Hebrew1041bIntro to Bib Hebrew con’tTu
Meyer. N.
Rel Studies1010FReligion, Theology & GlobalW6:309:20Babcock, G.
Rel Studies1015GReligion and DifferenceTh3:306:20Acres, W.
Rel Studies1029New Testament GreekTu
Meyer, N.
Rel Studies2112FSpirituality Old & NewF11:302:30Marks, D.
Rel Studies2113GModernity, Post-Mod & ReligionM2:305:20Marks, D.
Rel Studies2124GIntro to New TestamentTu11:302:20Meyer. N.
Rel Studies2126FThe Early ChurchTh9:3012:20McClatchie, S.
Rel Studies2127GThe Late Middle AgesTh9:3012:20McClatchie, S.
Rel Studies2130Living ReligionsTh6:309:20Acres, W.
Rel Studies2297aFaith in Sound, Stone & PaintW
McClatchie, S.
Rel Studies2300AReligion & PsychoanalysisW6:309:20TBA
Rel Studies2330FInterpret the Christian BibleTu11:302:20Meyer, N.
Rel Studies2420BIntro to the Hebrew BibleW9:3010:20Lemos, T.
Rel Studies2610GChristian Thought, Culture & PracticeM
Wagenman, M.
Rel Studies2620gIslamic Thought, Culture & PracticeW2:305:20Mattson, I.
Rel Studies2730GSacred MatterTu2:305:20Acres, W.
Rel Studies3030gAngry God: The Bible & WarTu2:305:20Lemos, T.
Rel Studies3090gThe Major Letters of PaulF11:304:20Meyer, N.
Rel Studies3131bSpirituality of Muslim WomenTu
Mattson, I.
Rel Studies3134aFreedom of Religion & Accomodation in CanadaTh6:309:20Fahmy, M.
Rel Studies3168GConstructing JesusM6:309:20Smith, D.
Rel Studies3350aEastern & Orthodox Church HistoryM2:305:20Larson-Miller, L.
Rel Studies3450GJudaism and the HolocaustW3:306:20Marks, D.
Theol Studies2207FIntro to Systematic TheologyTu
Babcock, G.
Theol Studies3260gChristian Theology in the 20th CenturyM
Babcock, G.
Theol Studies3312GCritical Invest Theol. EthicsTh2:305:20Gruning, H.
Theol Studies3331gLiturgical MusicTu
McClatchie, S.
Marks, D.
Theol Studies3333FTheology, Science & SocietyM
Marks, D.


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    Religion and Theology Studies Professors

    Our professors are delighted about this new program offering: they can’t wait to support a broader range of students to discover the value of theological and religious investigation. No matter where you come from or what you believe, our professors are confident they will help you develop transferrable skills that will help you Lead with Heart in your local and global communities. Prepare to be challenged by educators who are passionate about critical analysis, character development and fostering enlightening conversations. Bring your boldest ideas to your classes and prepare to develop new perspectives that better reflect our ever-changing world.

    • I allow myself to feel the anger, sadness, despair over the things that humans are capable of doing in order to understand the phenomenon - in order to limit, to minimize, the things that cause the despair.
      Tracy Lemos, PhD
      Professor, Theology
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    • My goal in teaching is to help people understand the New Testament and the origins of Christianity in ways that are both historically sensitive (avoiding the problem of anachronism) and culturally engaged (avoiding the pitfall of ethnocentrism).
      Daniel A. Smith, PhD
      Dean of Theology
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    • My teaching aims to open students’ minds to new ways of thinking and seeing, and organizing and articulating their results. By bringing students into research and ideas the classroom becomes a very exciting place.
      Bill Acres, PhD, FRHistS
      Associate Professor, Church History and Comparative Religion
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    • I aim to do constructive theology that draws on the Christian tradition while also intentionally engaging in interreligious dialogue, particularly around justice, ecology, and the arts.
      Brett Potter, PhD
      Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
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    • I hope my research into New Testament and early Christian texts offers a complex picture of the diverse ways in which early Christians use financial language to think about their relationships with God and with fellow humans.
      The Rev. Jennifer Quigley, ThD
      Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament Language and Literature
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    Major and Minor in Religion and Theology Careers

    Our Theology graduates are ready to inspire citizens around the world. Whether they want to support people to find their faith or they want to become a potent Leader with Heart in a corporate or community position, our alumni have the heightened perspective, relationship-building skills and leadership qualities to make positive differences in any work environment.

    Learn about where the study of theology and religion can take you. Trust that Huron’s unique learning environments and legacy of teaching excellence will create the ideal educational setting for your journey toward enhanced understanding of the power, influence and issues particular to this exciting area of study.

    Where will a degree in Theology take you?
    • Clergy
    • Minister
    • Politician
    • Teacher
    • Lawyer
    • Professor
    • Writer
    • Philosopher
    • Theologian
    • Lobbyist
    • Community advocate/activist
    • Global development agent

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